Plumbing Services


Drains block every day, whether it is due to fine tree roots crawling into the drain pipes, or foreign objects i.e. paper, cloth, cutlery, sanitary wear, building materials etc. accidently ending up in it. A normal blockage as a result of i.e. tree roots can usually easily be unblocked by making use of drain rods. If the layout of a drain consists of a lot of curves, a drain unblocking machine is used which operates with a spring that can more easily travel along the curves and corners.

Drain camera inspections are very effective when a blockage becomes a constant problem and it is difficult to determine the cause of the problem. The drain camera is inserted into the drain as far as possible, while the live images can be viewed on a monitor and the problems can be detected and noted. It is then possible to determine if the drain pipes are cracked or damaged and whether they need to be replaced.

When building a new home or building, we install the complete draining system including the pipes, gullies, connection points etc. We also reroute drains and or connect drain pipes to the municipal drains. Complete repiping of existing drains can also be done.


There is absolutely nothing worse than wanting to run a hot bath after a long day’s work, just to discover that there is no hot water at all! Let us help you by replacing the thermostat or element or even just to lower the temperature.

The first thought jumping to your mind when you find water gathering on and cyphering through the ceiling, is that the geyser had burst! In many cases this is true, but it might also be a simpler problem i.e. leaking pipes and/or valves. The common problems could include pressure control valves, safety valves, vacuum breakers and perished copper tube. Our expert technicians are specialised in this field.

We only install or replace Kwikot geysers, which is the best quality brand when it comes to maintenance and after sales service, and which is also the only insurance accredited brand in South Africa.

Burst pipes

A burst or cracked pipe doesn’t always appear to be a big problem, until we try to repair it ourselves, again and again and again… Our technicians have all the right material and fittings needed to repair just about any leak.

Leaking taps

Something we don’t always realise is that every drop of water leaking from a tap or toilet, adds cents to our monthly utility bill. Be safe and check your taps and toilets regularly to detect any leaks. We repair and maintain all types of taps, replace tap washers and install any type of new taps or mixers.

Leaking toilets

Trying to repair a leaking toilet yourself is usually very frustrating! This is something our technicians work with on a daily basis, and they are therefore well trained in getting that annoying leak under control! We service toilets make sure that you can have peace of mind when making use of the facility.

Bathroom renovations

Building a new bathroom is exciting… Upgrading or changing an existing bathroom is exhilarating! We do it all. We specialise in the installations of baths, showers, basins, toilets, cribs, urinals etc. as well as rerouting and extension of pipes.

Washing machine installations

Washing machines need to be connected to a water point. These points and taps is usually installed in a wash room, scullery, bathroom or kitchen, but can be installed anywhere you wish or where your washing machine fits. Although we do not work on washing machines themselves, we install, repair or maintain any washing machine water connection.

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