Electrical Services

Electrical certificates of compliance (COC):

Every home owner needs to have an electrical certificate of compliance issued on his/her home in the event of the house being sold. This certificate covers every part of the standard electrical installation on the premises and can only be authorised and signed off by a qualified electrician with a wireman’s licence. The registration of the property onto the new owner’s name cannot be processed successfully without the certificate, and by law, is not allowed. It is also an option to submit this certificate to your insurance company. Our specialised technicians come out to your home to do a complete inspection on the entire electrical installation on the house, after which a quotation to repair any faults to standard will be generated at no cost.

Power Failures

Providing that your problem is not of a municipal type (i.e. area problem, account problem, circuit breaker tripping in substation or pole etc.), we can help you to have electricity again instantly. If the main switch/earth leakage or circuit breaker in your distribution board is tripping, there is an underlying problem, and our specialised technicians will find it and repair it according to SANS10142 standards.

House wiring and rewiring

Many of the older homes have wiring made up of the old cloth wiring, which were acceptable years ago. In today’s times, this type of wiring is not being used anymore, as there are new and better standards, which eliminate most electricity problems and hazards. We also do wiring for newly built homes and buildings, using the correct types and sizes of wiring according to the SANS10142 code of practice.


We do installations, repairs and maintenance on all stove and oven types, from repairs to stove switches, bake elements, grill elements and oven lights to complete stove rewiring and new installations. Stove brands include Defy, Kelvinator, Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Whirlpool and much more.


There is absolutely nothing worse than wanting to run a hot bath after a long day’s work, just to discover that there is no hot water at all! Let us help you by replacing the thermostat and element, or repairing the electrical connection to the geyser.

The first thought jumping to your mind when you find water gathering on and cyphering through the ceiling, is that the geyser had burst! In many cases this is true, but it might also be a simpler problem i.e. leaking pipes and/or valves. Our plumbing technicians are specialised in this field.

We only install or replace Kwikot geysers, which is the best quality brand when it comes to maintenance and after sales service, and which is also the only insurance accredited brand in South Africa.

Gate motors/Garage door motors/Automation

Simplify your life with an electrical operated gate motor and/or garage door motor. By making use of a gate/garage door motor, you are not only making it easier and more convenient to access your home or office, but increasing your security at the same time.

We install Centurion and Gemini gate motors, which include the complete gate motor, the rail, the receiver and two remote controls. Optional extras include an anti-theft bracket and extra remote controls. We also install swing gate and heavy duty gate motors, and repair any brand of gate motor. It is recommended to also install a set of IR beams, which connect to each other by means of an infra-red beam. Any movement through the gate area will break the beam and stop the gate from closing automatically. This is particularly useful when the gate motor is set up to close after a specific time period in order to prevent the gate from closing onto your vehicle!

Whether you choose a roll-up, sectional, tip-up, single or double, steel or wooden garage door, we can install the appropriate motor for you. We can also help you to set up your remote controls so that you can operate the gate motor, garage door motor and more from a single remote control.

Security and garden lighting

Make sure you can SEE what is going on around you and ENJOY your surroundings! We do all types of lighting for indoor and outdoor use, and specialise in security and garden lighting.

Security lights can be set up right around your home which are controlled by a remote control. and can be switched on instantly when you need to light up the area around your house. It is also a very good way of chasing away any uninvited guests at night! Motion sensor lights can be installed to switch on automatically when any movement is detected.

Light up your night life with beautiful lights all around your garden. There is a wide variety of lighting options available, ranging from basic soft or warm lighting to bright white or coloured lighting. These lights can be installed in the ground, on the walls or even in trees! All will be done according to your choice and specifications.

Electric fencing

Secure your home or office with electric fencing. Keep your electric fence well maintained to be sure it is always in proper working condition. Unfortunately we do live in a very high risk country and good security is a must. We install complete electric fencing systems, including the wiring (braided or steel), Merlin and Wizard energisers and sirens.

Installations/upgrades of DB boards

The central electricity control box in every house is called the distribution board, or DB board for short. Some homes/buildings have more than one DB board. These DB boards have to be checked and maintained regularly to prevent any possible electricity problems. After a couple of years, wiring can disconnect or perish and circuit breakers can lose their effectiveness or just stop working completely, which can suddenly transform your home into a fire hazard! Our technicians specialise in rewiring old DB boards, updating any old wiring practice and revising or simplifying any abnormalities.

Plugs and lights installations

We install new complete plug points and light points, which include the cabling. Extending a plug or light point is a simple process in which we are good at!

Borehole pumps and booster pumps

Making use of a borehole system to supply drinking water to your home, to water the garden or even just to fill your swimming pool, is a great way of minimising your municipal utility bill at the end of the month. We supply and install, repair and maintain all submersible borehole pumps and motors, and water tanks. We also install, repair and maintain booster pumps for water supply to the house.

Our technicians are specialised in this field and will help you to choose the right equipment to deliver sufficient water with the right pressure for any purpose you might need it for. We realise how important water supply can become, especially on farms and small holdings where the borehole is the only source of water or even more, where animals are dependent on it. We always treat water supply problems as a priority! Some of the familiar brands we prefer to install are Franklin and Brisan.

Swimming pool pumps

Looking at a clean, bright swimming pool is almost as refreshing as physically getting into the water! A swimming pool can only be in good “ready-to-swim” condition if it is well maintained. A big part of maintaining a swimming pool is to have a well operating pump, which circulates and cleans the water through the filter. Our pool specialists will maintain your swimming pool pump and check for any abnormalities in or around the pump. We can also help with leaking pools, if the water leaks from the weir and not through cracks. Some of the familiar brands we prefer to install is Speck and Quality.


With the recent power outages we were introduced to a while ago, many people opted to have a generator installed at home and at the workplace. It is always a good idea to have a generator ready at home that can operate some lights, a tv, a fridge and maybe one or two more things at once. This way one can never be left in the dark nor have the meats in the freezer defrosted!

If your business cannot afford power outages due to switchboards and/or tills running on electricity, a generator is a must! There is no need to lose business or show clients away due to not having electricity. We install any size of generators, from as little as 5kVA generators with change-over switches for your home, right up to 1000kVA complete generators for commercial and industrial use. These generators usually include an AMF panel, silent canopy and/or ATS switch.

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